Rule is an official Redeal partner and Redeal integrates directly with the contact database in Rule

Get a new source of high quality traffic, improve conversions on-site and grow your lead acquisition, automatically

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Voyado + Voyado

Fully customizable onsite signups and referrals

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few demos of useful implementations of Redeal with a Rule database connection. Try them out, below:

Accelerate growth of customer behavior insights and lead data in Rule CDP

Accelerate your lead acquisition with new opt in’s that have given consent as part of your referral and lead acquisition flows. Add new data layers of valuable customer behavior data and gain insight of who your most valuable customers are - your brand ambassadors. In short, get an increase of new traffic with high conversion rates and add new leads to your customer database at the same time. All new data entries are automatically tagged to enable relevant market automation-flows and new segmentations in Rule

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Redeal integrates with Rule to send contact details of both ambassadors and friends who opt in, automatically. Redeal can also read Rule in real-time, creating campaigns that are (for example) only available for new database sign-ups.

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Newsletter sign-up tool - with real time connection to Rule

  • Prompting a visitor to subscribe or sign-up, on any page, whenever the visitor is ready to convert.
  • Flexible data collection, choose which input field you want, e-mail address, phone number, personal id or any other custom data.
  • Visible but never disturbing the customer journey on-site
  • Real time connection to RULE enables instant look-up and new data entries into the contact database without delay.
  • Instant rewards such as a discount code is displayed directly in the widget to the user on-site and drives conversion
  • Spam safe - Iframe solution makes it secure from spam any data entries by robots or crawlers.


Lightning fast technical setup

  • Redeal scripts are easily installed through Google Tag Manager on any website.
  • Connection to Rule is “plug and play”, just enter the correct API credentials directly in Redeal Manager.

Personalized experience throughout the entire customer journey

Through Rule, the goal is for you to be able to deliver as tailored and personalized a customer experience as possible. They want you, with the help of their innovative platform, to nurture and in the best way, build deeper relationships with your customers. Rule's customers’ results speak for themselves – targeted marketing increases engagement and generates growth.

49% say friends and family are their primary source of brand awareness.

We have the enterprise experience, technical flexibility and global reach to help you engage your customers and talk to their friends wherever they are.
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Reach a new audience through your customers in their own social channels

The Redeal Referral Marketing platform enables your customers to share personal offers and recommendations of your brand and products to their friends and family in all your points of interaction. (e-commerce, web, social media, newsletters and physical stores). Personalized and with relevance in their own social channels, person to person and 100 % native with the right timing in their customer journey.

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Increase traffic, improve conversions and grow your customer database

With the integration of the Voyado and Redeal platforms you get a new source of high quality traffic to your site, namely the friends of your customers who visit you through a recommendation by someone they trust. They come influenced with a positive brand attitude and convert to a higher extent than most other visitors to the site.

We say “high quality traffic” because it’s your own customers and users who create this traffic very selectively in their own social networks. Your customers know best who else would like you just as much as they do and ought to discover you and your products too. Our customers KPI’s of engagement and conversion rates shows this is the case. This fact is backed by science and well proven in many independent studies worldwide as well.

“83 % trust recommendations from people they know and are 4 x more likely to convert if recommended by a friend” 

- Nielsen

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