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Redeal Prestashop 1.7 plugin installation

Follow the steps

  1. Download the plugin here.
  2. Unzip/Extract the zip file which you have downloaded and rename the folder inside the zip file to "redeal"
  3. Create a zip of this redeal folder/directory with the same name "redeal"
  4. Go to admin panel of your Prestashop1.7 store.
  5. Click on "Modules" link in the left sidebar.
    See here: 1 (1)-min (1)

  6. Click "Upload a Module" link in the top right of the admin panel to upload the "redeal" module.
    See here: 6-min (1)

  7. After clicking on it you see a popup box where you need to upload the "redeal" zip file.
  8. Once the zip file is uploaded successfully, you will find “Redeal” module in Prestashop module list.
    See here: 7-min (1)

  9. If you already have “redeal” module installed, it will update the existing module and its version. If it is not already installed, it will create a new module.
  10. Click on install/configure button to configure this module.
    See here: 8-min (2)

  11. After successfully installation you will see Redeal Configuration Page.
    See here: 9-min

  12. Do the configuration setting as per your requirement.
  13. After that you can place order and can see Redeal popup in order confirmation page.
    See here: redeal-popup1 (1)-min

    Please contact Redeal for more information.