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Redeal Opencart 1.5 plugin installation

Follow the steps

  1. Download Redeal Opencart 1.5 module here.
  2. Unzip/extract the zip file which you have downloaded
  3. Then, Copy all contents of the "upload" directory into the root folder of your opencart installation.
    Note: Do not copy the upload folder itself, just the files & directories inside.
  4. You need to install vqmod extension for this module. You can download vqmod extension from this url here.
  5. After installing vqmod extension, go to the root of your opencart installation.
  6. Place redeal.xml file into "vqmod/xml" folder. (redeal.xml file is available in module zip file downloaded in step 1)
  7. Then, Go to admin panel of your Opencart 1.5 store
  8. Go to the "Extension->Modules" from top menu. See below image: opencart1
  9. If redeal module is properly installed, then It will display in modules list here: opencart2
  10. Click on Install to install redeal module here: opencart3
  11. After configuration of the module, you can place order in your opencart store and check Redeal popup on thank you/order confirmation page in order confirmation page. redeal-popup1 

    Please contact Redeal for more information.