Integrations and Partners

Leverage the power of your techstack and boost growth through our integrations with other leading platforms in the digital ecosystem.


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Redeal has built integrations with a number of martech platforms in personalization, CRM, CDP, and MA. These integrations mean that the Redeal platform can be used for a wide range of onsite functionality to speed up database growth, create high quality traffic, and increase conversions.

We continuously add new possibilities by developing new integrations. Let us know if you need any integrations to help you leverage your stack and scale your results.


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Voyado provides retailers with an easy-to-use, powerful platform that creates customer loyalty and drives increased revenue. As the leading CRM for retailers in the Nordics, Voyado offers you the most intuitive and cost-effective solution for creating hyper-personalized customer experiences through data, tools, and analytics. In short, Voyado makes brands easy to love.

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APSIS One & Pro

APSIS creates personal and scalable marketing solutions that help companies reach their audience better and grow their business faster. APSIS One is an easy-to-use marketing platform that offers essential tools for any modern marketer who wants to manage and build great customer experiences. Leverage your customer journey and leverage data to create growth automatically.

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Listen to, analyze, and act on your customer data.

Building relationships online is no different than in-person. You need to listen to customers, process and understand what they’re saying (directly and indirectly), and act on that insight in real-time. Most software complicates and extends this process, never delivering what you really need. With Klaviyo, you can have an idea in the morning and deliver it by the afternoon.

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The only omni channel customer engagement platform.

Emarsys empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omni channel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. By rapidly aligning desired business results with proven omni channel customer engagement strategies—crowdsourced from leading brands across your industry—our platform enables you to accelerate time to value, deliver superior 1:1 experiences and produce measurable results... fast.

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Personalized popups, forms, and messages for your website. 5x higher conversion rate

Triggerbee collects data from your individual website visitors and lets you create data-driven popups targeted at specific audiences on your website.

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Personalized experience throughout the entire customer journey

Maximize the power of valuable data and personalize the customer experience with your brand. With our marketing automation, email marketing, and SMS tools, you can tailor communication at each contact point.

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We’re built for growing businesses.

Put our marketing and sales tools behind your idea, dream, brand, or business and we’ll help you share it with the world.

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Panagora Edge

We are an e-commerce agency, creating the perfect shopping experiences for next-generation brands.

Working closely with our clients, we build customized solutions, transforming them into category winners.

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NetElixir is an integrated digital marketing firm that drives e-commerce growth and helps brands amplify their digital presence through our suite of web development, analytics, and digital marketing solutions.

NetElixir's proprietary customer intelligence platform enables our clients to identify, target, and win high-value customers across channels.

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Helping marketers be truly data-driven.

A Funnel takes all the data you need and puts it where you want it. But it’s what happens in between that’s the game-changer. Funnel curates and harmonises data in real time to present it to you in a way that creates real insight. With no coding needed, Funnel lets marketers get straight to action, unleashing the true power of performance marketing. Freed from laborious tasks, technical teams and analysts can focus on activities that create true value.

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Good to know

Redeal has a few different types of referral flows. All use the same script but is triggered differently. The type of flow is defined by the deal configuration but the site must be implemented to support the desired type. It is possible, but not required, to implement Redeal to support all different types. Note that a Redeal flow is triggered by the domain the page is loaded from. The deal config must match the domain to activate. This means that it is not possible to test the deal from a local development environment or from a server that is running with an IP address. If a test environment has a sub domain the configured deal will be triggered but if it is different than a test deal need to be configured separately.

Redeal + Triggerbee = True

Triggerbee´s software helps their customers to collect and use customer data in real time, so they can personalize their most important digital ...