Redeal is compatible with a number of e-commerce platforms. If your platform is not listed here then Redeal is simply installed by adding a script as described in the other section.


Installation hero-min
GTM-min (1)

Tag Manager
Add two tags i GTM. One tag for the landing page and one tag for the order confirmation/thank you page
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GTM-min (1)

Tag Manager Deep
This is an "in detail" description of the Redeal script and how it can be implemented.
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Add link to redeal.js The script can be included on all pages but minimum requirement is that it is loaded on the landing page and on the order confirmation/thank you page

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Good to know

Redeal has a few different types of referral flows. All use the same script but is triggered differently. The type of flow is defined by the deal configuration but the site must be implemented to support the desired type. It is possible, but not required, to implement Redeal to support all different types. Note that a Redeal flow is triggered by the domain the page is loaded from. The deal config must match the domain to activate. This means that it is not possible to test the deal from a local development environment or from a server that is running with an IP address. If a test environment has a sub domain the configured deal will be triggered but if it is different than a test deal need to be configured separately.

Redeal + Triggerbee = True

Triggerbee´s software helps their customers to collect and use customer data in real time, so they can personalize their most important digital ...