Script Installation

Below are detailed instructions on how to implement the ReDeal scripts on any website using Google Tag Manager or by directly implementing scripts into the code.

Installation hero-min

Good to know

ReDeal is highly versatile and can be configured to implement a broad variety of onsite promotion, lead generation, data acquisition and referral solutions. All use the same script but are triggered differently using a combination of tags implemented in the script and deal configuration settings in the ReDeal Manager.

Note that ReDeal is triggered by the domain the page is loaded from. The deal config must match the domain to activate. This means that it is not possible to test the deal from a local development environment or from a server that is running with an IP address only. If a test environment has a sub domain the configured deal will be triggered but if it is different then a test site need to be configured separately in the ReDeal Manager.

GTM-min (1)

Tag Manager (MPA)
Implementation guide for "traditional" Multiple Page Application websites using GTM.
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GTM-min (1)

Tag Manager (SPA)
Implementation guide for Single Page Application websites using GTM.
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Full script documentation & installation without using GTM

A detailed documentation of the ReDeal script and examples for hardcoding them onto a website.

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