The magic happens directly after the moment of purchase.
Turn your best customers into Micro Influensers. Above all, you want to tell your friends.
This is how it works:

An Awesome deal

An Awesome deal
After completing the purchase or in a email, your customer gets a Deal with an incentive to share with their friends.

Your customer

Your customer is the influencer
Your customer sends the Deal to their friends via email, SMS or Facebook.

Reward your influensers

Reward your influensers
You reward your customers to promote your store and your Deal among their friends simply by sharing.

Get brand new customers

Get brand new customers
You get more new customers through your existing
customers' Friend to Friend promotion and increased traffic to your store.

Got 5 minutes to spare?
We tell you how to turn your best customers
into Micro Influensers!

Keep your customer close


of your customers will recommend your store to their friends.
Make it personal
Redeal is an e-commerce store plugin that helps you get more word of mouth sales.
  • 22x average return on investment
  • 6,5% conversion that utilizes their Deal

Pricing that scales with
your business.

Redeal simply takes a small % of the revenue we help you generate.
It's so easy, you can start your referral campaign today.

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Redeal gör det enkelt
1-2-3 simple

Install, create, publish, done!

Redeal works with any e-commerce platform. We make it simple to manage your Referral Deals and you can easily see your great results in our Manager.

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