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Many of our clients are e-commerce companies, but we also work with physical retailers, omni-channel companies, SaaS companies and other types of enterprises. Our referral software is highly adaptable and can be used to create friend referrals for virtually any company, brand, product or service!
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Babyshop Group

Babyshop Group with their brands Babyshop, Alex and Alexa, and Lekmer have offered their satisfied customers to send recommendations to their friends through Redeal for a long time, on many different markets across the globe.
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Euroflorist is one of the largest florist companies in Europe. They have successfully used Redeal's Target and Instant features to engage existing customers in their newsletter as well as post purchase in their checkout, getting them to share special offers and deals with their friends.
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Pierce is the company group behind e-commerce stores like 24MX, XL Moto and Sledstore. This makes them one of Sweden's foremost e-commerce companies and one of the largest players in accessories for motorsports in all of Europe. Through Redeal they let their customers recommend friends to their business in 12 different countries.


Proteinbolaget (The Protein Company) is one of the fastest growing sports supplements companies in the Nordics. They use a structured approach to find the optimal way of utilizing referral marketing to optimize their growth and profitability. They have used all Redeal features to engage their customers in different ways.


Matsmart (Foodsmart) is one of Sweden's most important entreprenurial efforts to reduce food waste that has seen tremendous growth the last years. When Matsmart started using Redeal it was an immediate success. The combination of making a choice that is good for the planet, at a good price with a strong brand creates a high engagement with their customers that have a strong willingness to share the experience with their friends.


Snusbolaget (The Snus Company) holds referral marketing as one of their most effective marketing channels for recruiting new customers. By their own measurements, referral marketing campaigns generate more new business than marketing campaigns on Facebook, for example. By working with Redeal, Snusbolaget has been growing by engaging satisfied customers to help spread word-of-mouth that you can order snus as well as tobacco free alternatives online.

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Quotes from our customers

Mårten Åkeson Proteinbolaget

Mårten Åkeson


"Redeal is a growth company - just like us - which means they grow fast and can keep up with our pace. They understand the importance of developing and driving a company forward. On several occasions they have provided advice on how we can use their service (for example in which channels) and helped us make the right decision!"

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Carl Pilo Karth Proteinbolaget

Carl Pilo Karth


"Simple and easy-to-use, both for us and for our customers. That's how I would sum up Redeal, and our long partnership. When we at Snusbolaget decided to go international in 2018, Redeal was a natural partner. Redeal's speed, reliable delivery and creativity is a perfect match with our ambition to take the Nordic region's largest online snus store as well as one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies out into the world."


Jojje Borsén


"Redeal is a powerful tool that works really well for our business. With a few simple commands we can launch new offers and deals for our customers to share with their friends. A simple and easy-to-use interface for creating referral offers, useful statistics for following up and a great customer success team that are always helpful when we need them. We are very happy with Redeal and I can really recommend working with them!"

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