Corner Widget - a new generation of lead generation tools

A minimalistic lead generation solution, UX-friendly and built to engage on-site visitors without being intrusive, makes conversion easy.

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Improve your acquisition game with great CX

Convert website visitors and fans to sign up, generate new leads through referrals, and reward them instantly. A neat little flag in the corner of the website prompts user engagement without disturbing the browsing experience and gives an incentive to convert to order at the same time. all in one smooth user session on-site. Low friction and great CX that drives conversion.

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Sign-up & refer-a-friend tool 2 in 1

  • Get sign-ups and referrals at the same time.
  • Give out one reward and get two user contributions.
  • Always only on your website, no redirects or need to send out discount codes via email.
  • Instant reward in the same session drives conversion.


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Referral and Lead generation tool

  • Prompt your happy visitors and fans on-site to refer your brand and products to their friends.
  • Engaging early in the funnel makes a big impact on the amount of referrals and conversions to order.
  • Drives high quality traffic to your website and generates leads.


Redeal Newsletter signup

Newsletter sign-up tool

  • Prompting a visitor to subscribe or sign-up on any page, whenever the visitor is ready to convert.
  • Flexible data collection: choose which input field you want: e-mail address, phone number, personal ID, or any other custom data.
  • Visible but never disturbing the customer's journey on-site.
  • Real-time connection to your database enables instant look-up and new data entries into the contact database without delay.
  • Instant rewards, such as a discount code, are displayed directly in the widget to the user on-site and drive conversion.
  • Spam safe-Iframe solution makes it secure from spam any data entries by robots or crawlers.


Integrations with a real-time connection to your CDP 

A real-time connection to many CDP/CRM platforms enables a truly powerful UX that delivers high engagement and conversion.

Customers using the Corner Widget are saying

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Erica Terranova, Growth Marketing Lead

All Things Commerce

"I am very happy with Redeal's contribution to our lead acquisition goals. Redeal can effortlessly connect with all the other tools in our kit, and has delivered great results in engaging new leads and convince them to refer their friends.

The Moomin Fanclub is very special, and it was important to find a way to improve our lead acquisition without compromising the customer experience.

I think Redeal has delivered excellent results in that regard and I can recommend it to any company interested in testing the power of referral campaigns to increase lead acquisition and revenue."

49% say friends and family are their primary source of brand awareness.

We have the enterprise experience, technical flexibility, and global reach to help you engage your customers and talk to their friends wherever they are.


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Standard features


A/B Test

Optimize your referral flow with easy-to-use A/B tests.
Experiment with different offers and copy to discover what combination of offer and communication drives the most sharing and conversions. Redeal makes it easy to customize and optimize your deals for maximum effect on both revenue and profit.


Customized design

Design and create customized widgets for your brand.
Redeal's widgets are 100% responsive to look great no matter what device your customers are using to visit your website.


UTM Tracking

By using UTM-tracking on your deals you can easily see where your visitors are coming from and follow the long term efficiency of your referral marketing efforts.



Redeal is used on 50+ markets, so multilanguage support is a given. The referral flow is already available in more than 15 languages, and if you need support for a currently unsupported language we can easily translate the service to your needs.


Simple and secure installation

Redeal is simple and secure to install on all e-commerce platforms. We have preprogrammed plugins for most major e-commerce platforms, but also offer easy installation with Google Tag Manager or by putting a simple script on your website.

Fraud control

Any service that offer rebates, discounts and offers to customers is subject to the risk of fraudulent and/or unwanted customer behavior. Redeal has multiple fraud control features in place to stop unwanted behavior, and reward positive behavior!

Support access

Access our support team by e-mail, live chat or directly in our admin tool Redeal Manager. Professional and Enterprise customers also have access to telephone support.

Access to our Referral Marketing specialists

Our skilled Customer Success Managers have many years experience of referral marketing and are standing by to help you with everything from strategy to setting up specific campaigns and deals to optimize performance.
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Detailed statistics

Deep dive into detailed statistics to monitor your performance. How many of your customers choose to recommend a friend, which ambassadors and friends are most profitable, conversion rates and ROI on your marketing spend.

Access to Opt-in adresses

We can also offer access to valuable e-mail adresses and telephone numbers from customers who have chosen to share them. This will let you see which customers are your best ambassadors, get access to e-mail adresses from friends who have opted-in (but maybe not converted to customers yet) so that you can communicate with them outside Redeal's ecosystem.