Release Notes - November 2019

Additional/updated pricing model, omni-channel support, new channels supported, and much more.  Check out the latest Redeal updates!

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Additional/updated pricing model, omni-channel support, new channels supported, and much more. 

Check out the latest Redeal updates!

Multiple new channels supported
We're continuously looking at adding new channels for your ambassadors to use when sharing/recommending your business with their friends. This is highly relevant, since the personalization of each individual recommendation becomes stronger if it's sent through the same channel that your customers normally use to communicate with their friends. In addition to the traditional channels of e-mail and SMS/text message, the Redeal widget now also supports Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Shareable link (that can be copied and sent through any channel).Multiple Channels

Using multiple channels for your ambassadors to share their recommendation means a higher relevance for each individual recommendation, while at the same time marginalizing unnecessary cost by moving traffic away from SMS/text message that always has an additional cost.

Updated pricing model
In order to improve support for clients that wish to use multiple channels and make the traffic generated through Redeals referral platform easy to compare with other traffic sources, we're changing the standard business model to CPC (cost-per-click). This change is also done to ensure that Redeals pricing is always relevant for your business and target market. Please contact us if you wish to now more about the new pricing options!

Omni-channel support
Online referral marketing is going offline (or at least in between) with Redeals latest update that supports full omni-channel support. This means your ambassadors can either start the referral flow online (as always) or offline by scanning a QR-code at a physical location, and also that their friends can redeem their offers online through entering a discount code during checkout or offline at a physical location by presenting a EAN code to scan at any point of sale!
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Hot leads - Reach out to your customers' friends
An optional opt-in is now presented to friends that goes to retrieve an offer shared by one of your ambassadors, which means you can now utilize Redeal to reach out to all opt-ined friends of your customers, even the ones who don't convert to customers on the first offer they've received. This is a big added value to our existing services, as it enables Redeal clients to tap into a huge opportunity that has previously not been possible.

(Even) More languages
Arabic is the 18th addition to our language base. We now also offer standardized copy suggestions in all languages that makes it easy for an english-speaking marketer to create campaigns in any language by just entering the deal specifics, the company name and uploading codes and images. Setting up a Redeal campaign has never been easier! (The copy can still be modified to suit the tonality and voice of your specific brand, of course.)

Multimarket geolocation
Are you targeting multiple target markets and/or languages from the same domain? No problem, our geolocation function can now serve different campaigns to audiences in different geographical locations based on their IP-adress. This means the same website can serve visitors from all over the world with localized referral marketing campaigns in their own language! This is highly relevant as localization is just as important as personalization in order to create high engagement from the friends of your ambassadors.

Improved security against unwanted behavior
We're constantly looking to improve the quality of the recommendations and traffic generated through Redeal. In line with this ambition we have implemented additional security checks against unwanted behavior (we don't like to call it fraudulent behavior, as our research suggests most unwanted behavior is caused by carelessness rather than actual ambitions to "fool the system").

This means our clients can set limits for how many recommendations each user should be able to send, how often they will be presented with the option of making a referral and also an interval that limits how often they can send a recommendation to the same friend. Other smart functions to be noted are our smart e-mail checker that checks the "friend e-mail adress" for partial strings of the ambassadors name, suspicious similiarities between multiple friend adresses, etc.

These are just some of the recent improvements made to Redeal's services, and there will also be a large number of releases with new features and improvements over the coming months. Please don't hesitate to contact our team to get an in-depth update about all the possibilities available!


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