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As an e-retailer, new things are constantly emerging to keep track of, test and implement. Are you figuring out your own development plan for 2019? In this blog post, we list 5 valuable trends for your e-commerce in to keep in mind for 2019!

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As an e-retailer, new things are constantly emerging to keep track of, test and implement. Are you figuring out your own development plan for 2019? In this blog post, we list 5 valuable trends for your e-commerce in to keep in mind for 2019!

1. Automated customer support

Many customers are increasing their buying frequency after a good response from customer service. At the same time, a poor experience can make a customer completely stop shopping from you. Therefore, it is important that you have a customer service that is easy to get in touch with and that quickly solve problems or answer questions. As a customer, you often prefer not to call customer service at all, if you can easily fix the problem yourself. Therefore, automated customer service is becoming increasingly common through chat bots, FAQs, etc. By offering your customers several different options to contact customer service - and responding to them in the channels they personally prefer - you create a better user experience. Time to say "goodbye" to waiting in phone queues and being irritated by limited opening hours in 2019!

2. 24 hour delivery

Delivering products to the customers in the shortest possible time has almost become a sport for some e-retailers. New shipping options are constantly emerging which means the customer can often choose between options like having the goods delivered home via express delivery, picking it up in an Instabox the next day or getting a delivery directly to their car during workhours. No matter what level you are at, it is important to be able to offer several different options as all customers' everyday lives look different. For example, check on the Swedish company Urb-it, they guarantee their customers delivery within one hour(!) no matter where the customer is - at work or in an escalator on their way up from the subway. Other e-commerce companies also test opportunities such as retrieving customers' returns free of charge during the evening. Noone can do everything, but what can you do for your customers to improve their experience of your deliveries?

3. Product videos

These days, it is an undisputed fact that most consumers prefer to view a product video rather than reading a product description. Firstly, it gives a more accurate description of the product and secondly because it is much more convenient than reading. Offering a product video usually leads to higher conversion, as it builds greater trust with the customer, since a picture or product description is considered easier to manipulate than a video. Who hasn't seen a product online, ordered it and then (after delivery) realized that the product doesn't at all look the same in reality as it did on the website? With the help of video you can create a better picture of the product and show it from several different angles - which increases the probability of the customer feeling that they got what they expected.

4. Marketing automation

For those of you who are not already working with automated mailing it is really time to get started. With the help of marketing automation, you can tailor e-mails to suit your target group, thereby leading them to another purchase. Perhaps you want to give a specific customer group a newsletter with a discounted offer, or send out a newsletter that refers to articles that may be of value to the reader. You can decide for yourself when the message should be sent to the customer - or choose an opportunity that triggers automatically, for example when the customer has visited your website a certain number of times, or clicked repeatedly on a link. The goal of marketing automation is to respond to the customer with automated (but personalized) mails, perfectly timed to guide them in their buying cycle. A smart way to increase conversion without creating massive amounts of manual work! Marketing automation is definitely one of the hottest e-commerce trends in 2019!

5. Referral Marketing

As competition in e-commerce is intensifying, it will be more important than ever to build a strong brand and take care of your existing customers. An inexpensive and effective way to do this is by using Referral Marketing, which is based on the traditional word-of-mouth principle. Referral Marketing means that you activate your best customers by offering them a discount or other type of reward, in exchange for them making a personal recommendation. This enables you to show appreciation to your most loyal customers, at the same time as you create brand awareness (and bring in new customers as well). Referral Marketing is a method that guarantees that growth will increase by a few percent (at least) - and brand awareness with it!

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