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Are you looking for a strategy, tool or plug-in that can help you increase sales in your e-commerce? Then you don't have to look any further - this blog post lists 4 ways to optimize e-commerce conversion effectively!

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Are you looking for a strategy, tool or plug-in that can help you increase sales in your e-commerce? Then you don't have to look any further - this blog post lists 4 ways to optimize e-commerce conversion effectively!

1. The right payment solutions

Checkout should always be as friction free as possible! This is something most people see as a hygiene factor these days. If there are too many steps and obstacles, the process fails or it takes too long for a purchase to go through chances are that the customer loses patience and doesn't complete the purchase. Another thing that can make the customer back away is that there aren't enough (or rather the preferred) payment options. Some customers may even find it difficult enough to get up from the couch to get their bank card from their wallet, so if there's no other payment option they'll just ignore finishing their order, which means you lose business. Therefore, make sure to offer several options (invoicing, Swish and Paypal for example) and you'll eliminate one obstacle and get higher conversion rates.

2. Trackable deliveries

Many e-retailers are competing over who can offer the fastest delivery. This means it is of great importance that you can offer fast (and dependable) deliveries. But what is perhaps more important of all is that the customer has the opportunity to track the delivery and get accurate information along the way. You do not need to be the fastest in the market, but you need to be transparent with information about the delivery time of your shipments. For the convenience of your customers you can use services such as Unifaun, DPD, FedEx or DHL which connect different transporters and continuously supply your customers with correct information. Then both you and the customer avoid any ambiguities about where the package is or when it's scheduled to arrive!

3. Referral Marketing

We are somewhat biased, but it doesn't change the fact that Referral Marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to increase sales for your e-commerce. Referral Marketing uses your existing customer base and allow them to make personalized recommendations of your product or service in exchange for a good offer to come back and shop with you again. It doesn't require much of you and the conversion is higher than if you would use influencer marketing or some other form of purchased media. Word of mouth has always been an effective marketing tool and you already have your customer base - why not use it to get new customers while boosting brand interaction at the same time?

4. Nosto

How do you work with personalization of your e-commerce? Nosto is a great-looking plug-in for those who want to optimize their webshop based on each customer´s unique needs. What Nosto can offer is content that is updated in real time, based on customer behavior. For example, if someone has searched for a pair of boots on your e-commerce site, Nosto can help you highlight those boots in a product recommendation on the site, but only for that specific user. If the customer enters and buys the same boots a few days later, the product recommendation will automatically change to some relevant accessory. The next time the customer visits your site, the shoes may have been replaced by a suitable coat that matches the shoes they just bought. Being able to present this kind of automated content, fully adapted to behavioral data, will lead to optimized conversion and increased sales in your e-commerce.

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