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Redeal helps B2C marketers generate leads by engaging the friends and families of their best customers.

Engage your best customers, turn them into ambassadors and get them to recommend your business to their friends through referral marketing. Create new customers and boost recurring business with an automated friend referral program today!

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What is referral marketing?

Most marketing professionals know about word-of-mouth, i.e. when customers tell their friends about products and services. It is famous for being one of the most powerful forms of marketing. The only problem is that it doesn't happen often enough! Referral marketing is, to put it simply, making a conscious and structured effort to make word-of-mouth happen much more often.

Engage your customers

Referral marketing is simply making conscious marketing efforts to get our customers to talk about and recommend a business, product or service to their friends.

If we don't make this effort then referral marketing or word-of-mouth will happen anyway. Your customers will always share both positive and negative experiences of your business with their friends. 

The challenge is that the positive marketing doesn't happen often enough if we just wait for it to happen organically! The likelihood that a dissatisfied customer shares their experience is about 10 times greater than that of a satisfied customer doing the same, if we don't help the satisfied customers out.

In other words, referral marketing is about consciously encouraging the satisfied customers to tell their friends why they should choose you!

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Why referral marketing is so powerful

We are social creatures, so it is only natural that we instinctively share our experiences with the ones closest to us. We advise our friends and family by sharing our positive experiences, but also warning them of negative experiences. Here's the catch! These recommendations affect us much more than other marketing messages. It is quite logical, we rely more on our friends than we trust advertisement, paid expert opinions and similar media!

There are plenty of studies that confirm this:
trust (2)
We trust our loved ones
83% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. A potential customer is 4x more likely to convert to order if they've been recommended by a friend.

- Nielsen
Sharing is caring
49% of consumers state that friends and family are their primary source of brand awareness. The more your customers talk about your products or services, the greater your reach becomes.

- Forbes
Your best customers
People who become customers thanks to friend recommendations are 18% more loyal, spend 13.2% more and have 16% higher Life Time Value than other customers.
- Journal of Marketing

The Win-Win-Win Effect

So, we have a natural instinct to share our experiences as well as listen to tips, advice and recommendations from friends and loved ones. Making a recommendation to a friend is a source of confirmation and social status, but that is often not enough to make a customer take the final steps of becoming an ambassador.

This is where Redeal comes in. Through our expert knowledge of referral marketing and many years of experience we have developed a unique service that makes it easy for you to incentivize your customers to recommend your business to their friends, maximizing the benefit of word-of-mouth for your business!

Friend referrals is one of the smartest ways to grow your business, as many independent studies have shown. With a referral program in place, getting your best customers to become brand ambassadors is easy! Imagine getting new customers and increasing the buy-back rate and loyalty of existing customers at the same time. This is exactly what Redeal does!

Redeal is a unique platform for referral marketing that is easy to install and works on all types of platforms. You can easily create referral offers in our easy-to-use manager. The graphics and copy text is fully customizable to align with your brand profile. And if you need help, our Referral Marketing Specialists are always there to support you.

Before, during or after a purchase

There are many different ways of using Redeal for your referral marketing needs. With our different features you can mobilize your existing customers and their friends before making a purchase (through a newsletter, for example), during a purchase (through a banner, pop-up or landing page on your website) or directly after completing a purchase (on your order confirmation page).


In a newsletter - Redeal Target

The Target feature lets you engage with customers through your different push communication channels to initiate a purchase. This lets you trigger existing customers to make a new purchase while at the same time recommending your business to their friends. Target can be used in a regular newsletter, a text message, an order confirmation or an automatic delivery notice e-mail. In other words, the Target feature lets you revive customers who aren't actively shopping at the moment, which creates higher repurchase frequency, increased customer retention and loyalty.

On site – Redeal Action

Action is the most flexible feature of Redeal's referral flow. Only your own imagination sets the boundaries since Redeal Action can be triggered by basically any user behavior of your choice. For example, you can trigger the Redeal pop-up when the customer visits a certain landing page, clicks a banner or as a "word of mouth" feature on the customer's "My pages".


After checkout – Redeal Instant

A customer is never more satisfied with your store than right after placing an order, an effect called "Buyer's High". This moment is the perfect time to engage with your customers and get them to recommend your store to their friends. This creates a unique effect since it gets your customers to interact closely with your brand, which boosts loyalty and repurchase frequency, while at the same time giving you a brand new channel for recruiting new customers through friend referrals!

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Quotes from our clients


Mårten Åkeson


"Redeal is a growth company - just like us - which means they grow fast and can keep up with our pace. They understand the importance of developing and driving a company forward. On several occasions they have provided advice on how we can use their service (for example in which channels) and helped us make the right decision!"

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Moon-Suck Song

Moon-Suck Song

Panagora Room AB

"At the end of the day it's all about building trust. I wouldn't recommend a friend to shop with a merchant that I didn't think was relevant or good, for example. When you give someone a personal recommendation you do it to create value and share the joy of shopping. Redeal makes it easy for customers to share this experience with eachother."

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Carl Pilo Karth-min

Carl Pilo Karth


"Simple and easy-to-use, both for us and for our customers. That's how I would sum up Redeal, and our long partnership. When we at Snusbolaget decided to go international in 2018, Redeal was a natural partner. Redeal's speed, reliable delivery and creativity is a perfect match with our ambition to take the Nordic region's largest online snus store as well as one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies out into the world."

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