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We help B2C marketers generate leads by engaging the friends and families of their best customers.


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Word-of-Mouth at scale

Word-of-mouth has a strong influencing power on most people's perceptions and actions. Simply because we trust recommendations from our friends and family more than anything else. It's proven to be one of the best known ways to grow brand awareness and attract new customers. But, word-of-mouth is also hard to control, it happens all the time whether you like it or not.

Referral Marketing is about harnessing that power and scaling it. It enables you to control word-of-mouth systematically, data driven and always on in every part of the customer journey. Its your tool to engage your satisfied customers to help you grow. Wherever and whenever you want them to.

Backed by science

trust (2)
83% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.
4x more likely to convert to order if recommended by a friend.
- Nielsen
49% say friends and family are their primary source of brand awareness.

- Forbes
People who become customers through friend recommendations:
18% more loyal
13.2% higher spend
16% higher Life Time Value
- Journal of Marketing

Engage your customers in every part of their journey

Our platform is flexible and comes packed with best in class features that deliver dynamic solutions to fit all your needs.


Before conversion

Introduce referrals in push campaigns, marketing automations, social media posts, newsletters, etc.

On site

Enable onsite referrals through pop-ups, banners, buttons or other event triggers on your website.

After checkout

Automatically engage ambassador straight after sign-up or checkout on your order confirmation page.

Great features

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A/B Testing


Customized design




Fraud protection


Simple installation

Customer surveys

Customer surveys




Contact database integration


Mobile friendly


Detailed statistics

49% say friends and family are their primary source of brand awareness.

We have the enterprise experience, technical flexibility and global reach to help you engage your customers and talk to their friends wherever they are.
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Quotes from our clients


Mårten Åkeson


"Redeal is a growth company - just like us - which means they grow fast and can keep up with our pace. They understand the importance of developing and driving a company forward. On several occasions they have provided advice on how we can use their service (for example in which channels) and helped us make the right decision!"

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Moon-Suck Song

Moon-Suck Song

Panagora Room AB

"At the end of the day it's all about building trust. I wouldn't recommend a friend to shop with a merchant that I didn't think was relevant or good, for example. When you give someone a personal recommendation you do it to create value and share the joy of shopping. Redeal makes it easy for customers to share this experience with eachother."

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Carl Pilo Karth-min

Carl Pilo Karth


"Simple and easy-to-use, both for us and for our customers. That's how I would sum up Redeal, and our long partnership. When we at Snusbolaget decided to go international in 2018, Redeal was a natural partner. Redeal's speed, reliable delivery and creativity is a perfect match with our ambition to take the Nordic region's largest online snus store as well as one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies out into the world."

Redeal Moomin

Erica Terranova Growth Marketing Lead

All Things Commerce

I am very happy with Redeal's contribution to our lead acquisition goals. Redeal can effortlessly connect with all the other tools in our kit, and has delivered great results in engaging new leads and convince them to refer their friends.

The Moomin Fanclub is very special, and it was important to find a way to improve our lead acquisition without compromising the customer experience.

I think Redeal has delivered excellent results in that regard and I can recommend it to any company interested in testing the power of referral campaigns to increase lead acquisition and revenue."